Aging in Our Communities

Strong Bones Program

Improve your physical and mental health. Strength training for women and men of all ages, with an emphasis on those over 40. In addition to increasing strength, the program also increases flexibility and balance and may improve bone density. Have fun while exercising with support from other class members.

Classes may be held in Medford, Gilman, Goodrich, and/or Rib Lake although not all sites offer classes each term.

New classes will be starting in June in Medford (Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. at the Multipurpose Room on the Fairgrounds) and Rib Lake (Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 p.m. at the Senior Site). Both classes start the week of June 5. The fee is $15.

For more information or to get a registration form, contact Peggy Nordgren, Family Living Agent, at 715-748-3341 or at the Taylor County UW-Extension office, 925 Donald St, Room 103.

Grandparenting Today

Grandparents can play many roles in the lives of their grandchildren, including raising them. The Grandparenting Today website is a source of information and materials for grandparents and others who are raising or helping to raise their grandchildren or the children of other relatives.