Taylor County 4-H Trips Policy

All Trips:

All 4-H members and leaders attending a 4-H trip must follow the Wisconsin 4-H policies, Taylor County 4-H Policies, and any specific trip guidelines and/or policies.

Sponsored Trips:

Some 4-H Trips in Taylor County are sponsored by the Federation of Taylor County 4-H Leaders. In 2017, sponsored trips include: Taylor County 4-H Summer Camps, Wisconsin State 4-H & Youth Conference, Leadership Washington Focus, Citizenship Washington Focus, National 4-H Congress, American Spirit East and National 4-H Conference.

Information and applications for trips that are sponsored should be referenced from the current year July/August 4-H Newsletter, which can be found at https://taylor.uwex.edu/4-h/newsletters/. Trip Applications for sponsored trips are due by the second Monday in September, only hard copies will be accepted. They may be turned in at the UW-Extension office or postmarked no later than the second Monday in September. Youth who have applied for trips will be informed of interview times after applications are received.

To go on a trip and receive support from the Federation of Taylor County 4-H, youth must apply based on instructions from the July/August 4-H Newsletter, then complete an interview with members from the Leaders Federation. Participants will need to write out two checks for their awarded trip, both made payable to the Federation of Taylor County 4-H. The first check will be made payable for the 1/4 portion of the trip.  The second check will be made payable for 3/4 portion of the trip. This check will be kept at the UW-Extension office in the locked safe. After youth are selected for a trip sponsored by the Federation,they will be responsible for the total cost of the trip if they are unable to attend. After returning from the trip, if no disciplinary action has been taken towards your child, the check will be shredded.

Youth going to one of the Taylor County 4-H Summer camp do not need to complete the interview and application process described above, camp cost is partially sponsored by the Federation, details and registration information can be found at Taylor County 4-H Camp.