Federation of Taylor County 4-H

The Federation of Taylor County 4-H is the governing board for the Taylor County 4-H Program. It is an organization of leaders, both youth and adult, and parents who promote and support 4-H in our county. They hold meetings most months on the second Monday of each month at the Taylor County UW-Extension Office. All approved 4-H Leaders are a member of this board and have voting rights, as well as a three appointed 4-H youth representatives. 4-H parents and youth are also welcome to attend but do not have voting rights. The Federation has many responsibilities including: making decisions for the county 4-H program, partnering with other organizations, raising funds and managing a budget to support 4-H Youth Development work, promoting and advocating 4-H in the community, providing input for new 4-H youth development opportunities and much more.

To learn how to become a 4-H Leader in Taylor County, visit the How to Become an Adult Leader/Volunteer page.

Federation Agenda March 12, 2018

Federation Minutes February 12, 2018

Federation Agenda February 12, 2018

Federation Agenda January 8, 2018